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For over 2 decades we've been the driving school that you can rely on for expert lessons throughout Broadmeadows and the greater Melbourne area.

HIENZ Driving School are the experienced instructors that provide quality lessons at an affordable rate. We appreciate that learning to drive can cause some anxiety, so our calm, confident and professional instructors will provide the type of environment that eases your nerves and is ideal for your education. Our instructors are local to the Broadmeadows area, we can provide lessons on roads we know well and around an area you’re familiar with. Whether you’re starting out with no experience, are new to the area or taking the final steps before your test, we can help.

Over the years we've successfully taught so many drivers that we've refined the process to a fine art. Your success come test time is our aim, but we're aware that this is a by product of you becoming a confident and competent driver. We take a great deal of pride in providing the type of education that will have you driving safely and skilfully for life. Our team provide automatic and manual lessons and will cater our course to your needs, the process can go as slowly or as quickly as your skills dictate.

For quality and affordable driving lessons in Broadmeadows, call HIENZ Driving School today or book your next lesson online now.

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Broadmeadows Driver Training

You can trust that we train drivers for success. We teach Broadmeadows locals to drive in a safe and competent manner. Our training will ensure that you’re ready to pass your test and have the necessary skills to drive confidently.

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Choose HIENZ Driving School for quality and affordable driving lessons in Broadmeadows and the greater Melbourne area. We're capable of teaching drivers of all skill levels and backgrounds. Our instructors will play an integral role in helping you pass your test by ensuring that you understand the road rules, can execute the required practical manoeuvres such as lane changes and reverse parallel parks. We'll make sure that you understand the critical aspects of the test before you sit it, giving you the best opportunity to pass and become a licensed driver.

With over 25 years if experience, you can rest assured that our automatic and manual driving course will provide you with the education you need. Our experienced instructors will impart all the knowledge you need, in a calm and effective manner. To get on the road to success, book your next lesson today.

  • Identify Hazards
  • Merge Safely
  • Check Mirrors
  • Check Blind Spots
  • Indicating Correctly
  • Changing Lanes
  • Road Rules
  • Safe Driving Practices

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About HIENZ Driving School: Your Local Broadmeadows Driving Instructors

HIENZ Driving School are your local Broadmeadows driving instructors with a firm focus on turning learners into confident and competent drivers. We've been doing this for the better part of 2 decades by teaching drivers the right way and never cutting corners. Our education program is specifically designed to teach the essential aspects of driving, and our instructors deliver it in a clear, calm and effective manner. If you want to pass your test and learn to drive in a safe manner that will benefit you for life, call HIENZ Driving School today.

Driving Lessons in Broadmeadows and Surrounding Areas

Call us today or book online to arrange a driving lesson in Broadmeadows or any other Melbourne suburb. Our experienced instructors can teach you to drive competently in a manual or automatic car. Get in touch with HIENZ Driving School today for expert driving lessons.